Ask your physician

Speak to your physician about the best method of treating your fibroids. When deciding on suitable treatment, your doctor has to take certain factors into account.

They include:

  • Your symptoms
  • Your desire for children (if any)
  • The size of your fibroids
  • Their position
  • Your age
  • Your status in terms of the menopause

If your physician is unable to answer all your questions or you do not feel she/he understands your needs and wishes, it may be helpful to get a second opinion.

See below for a few tips when discussing matters with your physician:
  • Make sure you note down all questions before your meeting.
  • During the discussion write down the answers given by your doctor and make sure you have understood them.
  • Ask for further clarification if necessary.
  • Do not hesitate to request more information on this subject.


Questions about treatment options to ask your physician:
  1. What options are there for treating fibroids?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the individual treatments?
  3. What can happen if I do not obtain treatment?
  4. Which treatment is suitable for me?
  5. How long does the procedure / treatment take?
  6. How long will I have to stay in hospital?
  7. How long will it take to recover?
  8. What risks and side effects should I expect?
  9. Can I still have children after treatment?
  10. Will treatment affect my normal activities?