Is this treatment suitable for me?

To be eligible for MR-HIFU, the factors listed below must all be negative in your case. Additional medical criteria should be laid down by a physician.

  • Contraindications for MRI, patient unable to lie face down (on stomach)
  • There should not be any obstacle in the path of the ultrasound waves, e.g. scarring from surgery, clips or IUDs
  • Abnormal smear test during the last twelve months, acute infection of the lower abdomen, cancer of the womb, patient post-menopausal
  • Pregnancy
  • Womb larger than in the 6th month of pregnancy, severe anaemia
Diagnostic MRI is carried out to determine whether MR-HIFU is possible for you.

The next step is to examine the fibroids present, i.e. in terms of their number, size, calcification and position in order to assess MR-HIFU as the method of choice.